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About the Storyteller —

My passion for photography emerged when I was 13 years old and became the proud owner of a Pentax K1000. I reveled in photographing everything in my world.

As eye and heart developed, I came to understand the essential importance of 'play' – the core of the creative process.

Some years later I continue to invest heavily in the power of "play" as part of my working process. I’m convinced that having fun on set produces stronger work – period.

My concept of 5 MOMENTS is the result of an editing challenge. How can I best present the truest and most meaningful exhibition of the experience of my photographic collaborations? To go beyond the traditional "look" and to communicate the texture and totality of my process, 5 MOMENTS.

I wholeheartedly believe that exquisite, accomplished execution of creative work is the outcome of successful [true] collaboration – even more so than individual talent or budget.

I work with some of the world’s leading brands, publishers and agencies, including:

DK / Penguin Random House mcgarrybowen Forbes
Money Magazine
Twitter PRADA
Hulu Mondelēz International Fortune

Associations / Awards

PHASE ONE CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL listing - Jason RikerASMP listing - Jason Riker Linked in - Jason Riker 2016 ipa Honorable Mention (Portrait) - Jason Riker // 'Strength with intent' 2015 ipa Honorable Mention (People / Portraits) - Jason Riker // 'Going Dark' Exploring the darker side of actors in New York.  Keenan Jolliff and Brad Koed 2014 ipa Honorable Mention (People / Portraits) - Jason Riker // Margy Love, actor - NYC