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About Jason Riker

My passion for photography began when I was 13. That was the year I got a Pentax K1000 for my birthday. Everything in my world was suddenly a subject to be photographed.

After graduating college in Texas with a BFA, I worked assisting photographers in the Dallas area for several years before moving to Manhattan. Going where the work was, I moved to a couple of different states on photography projects, then moved back to New York a little more than four years ago.

As my love of photography has grown over the years, I have followed my instincts, realizing the essential importance of ‘play’ in my work. I’ve continued to delve more into the power of ‘play’ as an integral part of my creative process. Stronger work has been the result, as well as more fun.

I enjoy connecting with people and capturing moments that hold up over time, which prompted me to develop the concept of 5 MOMENTS. My goal was to show meaningful collaboration between the camera and the subject, while capturing the heart and soul of each of those moments.

Most recently I was selected by DK / Penguin Random House, to shoot a fitness book entitled, GET STRONG for WOMEN. The project was a six day shoot at five locations working with the author and publisher on the 150+page book. Shot the cover and captured all the exercises as performed by five different athletes, making shots compelling and motivating with a consistent look. Also shot all atmospheric images.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading brands, publishers and agencies, including:

DK / Penguin Random House mcgarrybowen Forbes
Money Magazine
Twitter McCormick Foundation
Hulu Mondelēz International Fortune

Associations / Awards

PHASE ONE CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL listing - Jason RikerASMP listing - Jason Riker Linked in - Jason Riker 2016 ipa Honorable Mention (Portrait) - Jason Riker // 'Strength with intent' 2015 ipa Honorable Mention (People / Portraits) - Jason Riker // 'Going Dark' Exploring the darker side of actors in New York.  Keenan Jolliff and Brad Koed 2014 ipa Honorable Mention (People / Portraits) - Jason Riker // Margy Love, actor - NYC

On a lighter, but very meaningful note, last September I rescued the coolest cat off the Brooklyn streets here in Bed Stuy. Her name is Ami, which means ‘friend’ in French or Italian, depending on how you pronounce it. She’s a wonderful muse.